So, what is FarAway Greens?
FarAway Greens brings the challenge and enjoyment of golf indoors and makes it available all year, day and night.

Our HD Golf simulators use the industry’s most advanced tracking technology with high speed cameras that measure all critical club & ball data precisely to create a true reproduction of your shot.

Combined with revolutionary image processing software, we’ll have you playing some the world’s best courses with incredible accuracy and realism from right here in Burlington. We really are a game changer – come see for yourself.

Do I use golf clubs?
Yes! Every shot is like being on the course, so bring in your set of clubs and play some of the best courses in the world. Each of our 6 simulator bays is designed to show you your exact shot at every hole you play. The screen images are so real, you will forget you are in Burlington.

Don’t have clubs? Don’t worry! We have left and right-handed clubs available for rent.

Do I hit a regular golf ball?
Yes! With your clubs you will hit a real golf ball directly into our simulator screens and play some of the world’s best courses. Our state of the art high speed cameras measure all the critical club and ball data to precisely create a true reproduction of your shot. Nothing compromised.

What shoes should I wear?
Each of our 6 spacious simulator bays is designed to replicate the course, including the turf. So bring a pair of golf shoes and start playing, but please, no metal spikes. Don’t have golf shoes? Comfortable runners are also an option. Comfort is the key, so it is up to you.

Can kids play?
If they can swing, they can play with adult supervision. So bring the whole family because as you may have heard, a family that golfs together stays together. Plus we offer more than just golf. Other games include mini-putt, darts, and smashing windows.

What if I have never played golf before?
Simulators are a great way to learn! No pressure, anxiety, or intimidation as you get to play at your own pace. We also offer instructor packages to suit your needs. Now the world of golf just got a bit closer.

Can I get lessons?
Absolutely. We offer talented, award winning instructors to help you achieve your golf goals. Whether you’re knocking on the door of the PGA or picking up a club for the first time, we have an instructor for you.

How long does a round take?
Not everyone has the time to spend a day on the course. Now you don’t have too. In one hour you can play 18 holes yourself.

Don’t have an hour? Don’t worry! You can play as many or as few holes as you like. You dictate the time, the course and your pace. At FarAway Greens, you can golf more.

Can I pick what course I want to play?
Absolutely! You can travel the world without leaving Burlington. With over 25 world-renowned courses, to choose from, your bucket list just got more affordable.

How many players on a simulator?
You can play on your own, or bring your friends and play a foursome on one of our 6 simulator bays. Book the entire floor and host a corporate event. It’s all in your control.

How do your Rates work?
You pay per hour for each simulator room (not per player). Each simulator room including our Legends Lounge can play up to four golfers at a time.