Practice More.

Everyone knows that practicing is important, but what if you’ve been practicing all wrong? While going out to the driving range and hitting balls can feel like progress, without instant feedback, it will be difficult to improve. FarAway Greens helps make this happen. When you play on one of our simulators, you receive immediate feedback to help you get better.

No more guessing. Just Facts. Your club face angle, your ball speed, your club path, plus so much more is all captured and measured.

FarAway Greens offers many different ways to practice more:

Our simulators are loaded with practice ranges including target ranges with selectable distances. Drivers, fairway woods, utility clubs, as well as long and short irons and wedges can all be tested with confidence in the golf simulator environment.

Practice your short irons, wedges and putter on our simulators. In addition to this, we also have a 300 square foot putting green to knock balls around on.

Have some fun with a selection of interactive games, designed to build skills and provide hours of entertainment for all ages. Our golf simulator games include: “Window Smash 1 & 2”, “Field Goal Challenge”, and the always popular “Tractor Range”.

Need a bit of help?

Our pros offer lessons for players of all skill levels.